Conscious flow

Online yoga membership


This is where you can be YOU, moving to your own rhythm, developing at your own pace and expressing yourself, unedited.


Simplicity is a vital ingredient for a happy and healthy life. Life doesn’t need to be complicated! It’s about bringing self-care back to BASICS.

Learn four simple, powerful techniques that you can use as you go about your daily life to RE-member who you are and enjoy being you. Appreciate a new sense of confidence and trust in yourself – be ready to take on the world!
Whatever level you are, my classes have something for everyone. Move in a way that feels good for you or challenge yourself to go that little bit further. All classes work with the breath and end with a deep relaxation using Reiki.

You can affect your breath and your nervous system response in a matter of minutes simply by changing your breathing rate. Come and explore, simple effective ways, of how we can use the breath to energise, balance and relax your body and mind.

I facilitate your awareness of what is happening within your body, how it works with your mind and how they can both work to your advantage. Recognise what’s lighting you up and develop that. Gain more clarity in order to make better choices and accept and love who you are and where you are in life.
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