My Story

I came from a corporate background, working in the music and hospitality industry. I thrived off the thrill and drama of a fast-paced life, had everything I thought I needed. But I was not aware that my emotional and physical health needed just as much attention and love. 

This imbalance inevitably affected my relationships as well as physical and mental health. Life had to be more than just suffering, surviving and reaching the next goal.

A friend recommended that I attend an Ascension meditation weekend, so with nothing to lose, I did. My attitude to life changed. I was driven to learn more about who I am, what I could do, where my place in the world is and how I could be useful to others.

As a result, I worked around the world, explored different cultures and opened up to different experiences. I made a lot of interesting choices (some did not work out as planned!) and got to know a lot of incredible people.

Somewhere in between all of this, I became a monk (Rajni Ishaya is my spiritual name, given to me by my teacher), a yoga and meditation teacher, angelic reiki master, breathwork facilitator and a retreat designer and organiser. I also met an amazing man, my life-partner and became a mother!

Life is still busy, and it can get wobbly at times, but it’s simpler and, as a result, I am happier.

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