Yoga is more than creating shapes with your body. It’s also about breathing in a way that optimises your mental and physical health. It nourishes and purifies the body and cultivates presence so you can move into a deeper and expanded way of consciousness.

My own first experience of breath work was life-changing. It was a key point in my life that took me on my healing journey.

I was ‘holding’ onto a great deal. I was physically exhausted, mentally stressed and felt completely out of place in life. 

When I tried my first breath work, my mind was able to let go and I was able to start detaching from my thoughts. This helped to quiet my mind and in turn relax my body, and because my body rested, so the healing process began. 


I had this incredible peace of mind. I not only felt connected to myself but everyone around me too. I felt waves of love literally engulf my entire being. I felt I belonged. Simply put, present. 

Over time, I began to be aware of my breath, exercise it and maximise using it. Along with yoga and meditation, it helped me recover from everything, from stress to addiction – as it can with you! This is why I love to teach it! 

There are three main breath practices I teach…


[“Prana” means life force, “ayama” means to extend].

What to expect: A simple awareness of the breath. Consciously inhaling, pausing and exhaling throughout our yoga practice and/or sitting in a comfortable position.

For those who: Have a hard time meditating or new to meditation. Who are looking for ways to relax the body and mind and want to experience deeper breathing.

Benefits: Reduces depression, boosts immune system and improves digestion. Balances left and right side of the brain, increases creativity and imagination, controls reason and logic. Helps to focus and gives you a healthy glow. Aids in weight loss.

Breath of bliss

[An ecstatic breathwork ceremony to help you remember who you really are].

What to expect: A group practice guided by an instructor, involving music while laying relaxed on the mat. The breath is circular, inhaling and exhaling through the mouth for the same amount of time without a pause.

For those who: Feel disconnected from self and others. Want to experience incredible transformation, connect deeper with themselves, dive deeper into positive emotions, sensations, dreams and explore consciousness.

Benefits: Opens the heart, feel lighter, fully oxygenates the body, energises, focuses the mind, induces a happier outlook on life, encourages living life fully in the present moment, connects and expands your consciousness.

Breath of fire – A.K.A the cleansing breath of Kapalabhati

[Master the breath of fire and it is the key to higher consciousness].

What to expect: Rhythmic breathing through the nostrils which involves equal and continuous short inhales and exhales. Eyes are closed. Can be done seated or during yoga practice.

For those who: Feel cold, tired, disconnected, lost, overwhelmed, overworked and with a busy mind.

Not recommended: If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, severe respiratory infections, cardiac problems, hernia and spinal disorders.

Benefits: Helps to regain control, keeps negative energy out, gives you greater peace of mind, brings about a deeper connection with your inner self, strengthens and balances the nervous system, invigorates, energises, increases blood circulation, tones abdomen.

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