Conscious flow

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Access a blend of live yoga classes and pre-recorded videos, to help you develop your yoga, meditation and breathwork practices, and grow into a life you love…

Conscious Flow: Evolve with Yoga

Conscious Flow:
Evolve with Yoga

This exclusive membership is specially designed to help you evolve using the wisdom of meditation and yoga and the experience of conscious flow.

Conscious flow is pure mindfulness in motion: with steady-paced, harmonious yoga sequences, you’ll experience a meditative quality that naturally invites a gentle openness to your body and to your experience. 

This is where the magic happens.

This is where you create space for new possibilities.


  • slow down and find time for yourself
  • learn to naturally appreciate and love your body
  • let go of the need to control things
  • create new positive habits to change your outlook on life and create new life experiences
  • be the BEST version of yourself and experience the unlimited magic of the present moment

I love yoga with Sharron. She has such skill and knowledge and intuitively knows what is needed. Her routines flow with ease and help to bring heart, mind, body and soul back into balance. She has something special which brings an added dimension to her practice”


x2 Conscious Flow Yoga sessions

60 minutes  LIVE ON ZOOM*

x1 Guided Meditation or Breathwork session

5-10 minutes AUDIO / ONLINE

x1 Express Conscious Flow Yoga session

20–30 minutes


dharma talk / yoga philosophy / self-care / monthly challenges

Plus: Heads-up on exclusive offers, retreats, workshops and events

*Live classes are held on Zoom. If you haven’t already got a Zoom account it’s free and easy to set up and use. You’ll get a schedule with the class dates and times. The classes will also be recorded and uploaded to the web in case you can’t make the live class. 

Join the tribe

Conscious Flow


£ 24 99

Grow into a life you love.

  • x1 Guided Meditation / breathwork
  • x2 LIVE Yoga Flow sessions
  • x1 Express Yoga Flow session
  • x1 Bonus session

Easy cancellation:

If for any reason you cannot commit to the month or find that it wasn’t what you expected, or simply not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time.

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Yoga with Sharron has been such a life saver for me during the pandemic. Her gentleness and kindness kept me going, even when I was working from home and got back pain. She is versatile and customizes the class to what is happening to us at the time. She’s so loving and embracing. Can't recommended her enough”.

You are a really pleasant and caring teacher, Sharron, and are a model of the effects of yoga on body and mind. I like that the session goes at a functional pace with a perfect match of instructions and moves. I really like that you include ascension attitude spaces; food for the stillness within. Thank you for your teachings. Much love.”

You said: “My intention is to keep you all feeling healthy and fabulous during these interesting times”. It absolutely works. Infinite thanks. I appreciate your engagement beyond all measures, thank you so much!”

Supporting you

When I first made the commitment to work on myself, to do whatever it takes to find my peace, happiness and purpose, I realised I could not do it alone. Why? Because there’s strength in numbers. There will be times when you need that shoulder to cry on, someone to just listen or a group of like-minded women that truly understand what you’re going through and help you rise above it. A community helps support, inspire and motivate each other. It’s nourishing and it quickens your growth.

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