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First Sphere with Weekend Retreat Option

During the First Sphere course you will learn the primary four techniques of the Ishayas’ Ascension, as well as the understanding and experience to practice this effortless meditation in the most effective way. This course is relaxing, enjoyable and truly life changing.

The ‘First Sphere’ – what to expect

FRIDAY EVENING: Introduction to the Ishayas’ Ascension

Discover what Ascension is and how it can help you.

Learn the Praise Ascension Attitude

The Praise Attitude is the foundation of all the techniques. It effortlessly brings your attention back to the present moment. It allows anyone, at any time, to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation and the belief that there is something wrong with your life.

SATURDAY MORNING: How Ascension works

Learn how it really works and what is happening to create the experiences we have. This part of the course makes it clear that nothing can limit the power of this practice.

Learn the Gratitude Ascension Attitude

This practical tool relates to our physical experience. The Gratitude Attitude heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with our body and the world around us. How much of our time do we spend judging and criticising our body and world? Altering these beliefs opens us to a more positive and liberating experience of life.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Learn about states of consciousness

This is what Ascension is all about! Higher states of consciousness are not only real; they are accessible to anyone. During this session, you will understand and experience how this practice has the potential to completely transform your experience of life.

Learn the Love Ascension Attitude

Many people find this the most beautiful, relaxing and impactful of all the Attitudes so far.
The Love Attitude enhances your relationship to the Source of Love. Feeling separate from love can often lead to suffering. The judgments we hold in this area create experiences of unworthiness and dissatisfaction. This technique tackles all of our self-judgment and separation head-on, ultimately leading to a love which is truly unconditional.


On the final day, you will receive the most powerful of all the four techniques. The Cognition Technique combines the essential messages of the previous Attitudes (Praise, Gratitude and Love) and develops them into a technique that enhances and deepens our relationship with the rest of humanity. Together, these form the First Sphere or stage of your Ascension journey.
Many people find that the final day is the most beautiful and enjoyable part of the course. There will be plenty of time to practice Ascending, explore more aspects of Ascension, as well as answer any remaining questions you may have. You will leave this course with a complete system of self-discovery; it is truly a lifelong gift to yourself. What are you waiting for?


Treat yourself to a transformative weekend break! We have a great accommodation offer for new First Sphere participants, at the homely Guesthouse Büchele for an additional € 50 per person per night up to 4 sharing per apartment.

Optional daily morning Ascension Yoga to experience.

Email for room availability.

‘Kleinwalsertal’ nicknamed the Little Valley of the Sun and Snow, is 15 km long and about 6.5 km wide, surrounded by the majestic Alp mountains at a height of 2,536 meters above sea level. The Breitach River flows through the valley and its three picturesque Alpine villages of Mittelberg, Hirschegg and Riezlern. Kleinwalsertal is a well-known region in western Austria, and only accessible by one road making it unique. The area is actually the third largest tourist destination in Austria despite its small size during the winter and summer seasons.

The scenery is spectacular: nature at its best. The environment promotes serenity, silence, peace and relaxation. Here we encourage you to try some forest bathing, a ritual which involves taking a meditative nature walk in the ancient pine forests, breathe in the pure, fresh mountain air, listen to the healing music of the rivers and streams and immerse yourself in the natural healing benefits of the outdoors. You will naturally acclimatize to the slow rhythm of nature giving you space to connect back to self-reflection and creativity, while feeling completely rested.

Our homely guest house is in the small village of Hirschegg.


17 - 19 Apr 2021


7:00 pm - 5:00 pm


£360 or €400


Hirschegg, AUSTRIA
Hirschegg, AUSTRIA


Sharron Hopley
+44 (0)7749 598058

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