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Meditation: Make it a forever habit

Deciding to start a meditation practice can often trigger more negative emotions than usual, as well as exhaustion from over thinking and an overwhelming desire to find more peace, joy and freedom in life. We may find we’re losing control of what is happening around us and wonder if there’s something that can be done to control what is happening inside of us.

The mind is a pro at creating thoughts, beliefs and habits. Chaos can ensue if we let these run riot. When we start to meditate, that is to just simply be aware of our thoughts, we begin to experience not only a slowing down of our thoughts but an awareness of peace in between those thoughts. We begin to understand our past had its purpose and the future is just a story that hasn’t been played out.

When we close our eyes, the reality that we created is gone and it gives us an opportunity to connect back to our heart, the inner self. In the first stages of meditation there may be intense internal chat. It may feel uncomfortable, frustrating, annoying and like it will never stop. This is the point most of us tend to give up or come up with excuses to stop, going back to social media, TV, music, any stimulation except peace.

What if for one moment we could just stop and watch those thoughts? By allowing yourself to be aware of your thoughts you release your energy and you begin to just watch them come and go like passing clouds. With practice those spaces between the thoughts become bigger, and with that, your sense of peace becomes stronger and much more palpable. Here is where you’re present in the moment. It’s noticeably quiet and more peaceful, yet open and welcoming than the world on the outside. A very familiar experience. With practice it can be a place of creation and a greater connection to an inexplicable, infinite force that only you can experience in your unique self.

As with all practices, there is a place to start from and a place to build towards. We have to train the mind to work with us rather than against us. To be even aware of it, is a big step. Meditation may make you feel vulnerable at first, especially if you are not used to it, but you don’t have to worry. You will start to love it and want more of that peace. The heart always wants more. You will grow with it and you will feel supported by it, you will feel a connection to life and life will be able to connect with you!

There are so many types of meditation out there from the traditional sitting with eyes closed, to dynamic breathwork, use of sound, movement and creating. Find one that suits you and your lifestyle. Make it a forever habit and most importantly be gentle with yourself.

What’s worked for me? Ascension Meditation! It never ceases to amaze me. I was attracted to it because I met a group of Mexicans who had learned it. It was undeniably noticeable these people were happy and joyful. Nothing seemed to bother them, they didn’t sweat the small stuff. I didn’t think this was possible. I felt something stir in me, so much so that when I was fortunate to be in a room full of ‘ascenders’ I felt at home. With so much gratitude, I felt honoured to be part of something much bigger than my mind could comprehend. I realized a responsibility to complete my Mastery and during that, a huge desire to teach others. I found purpose.

Why? In my experience, it’s the most, simple one to learn, that I’ve stuck to and with the most immediate, noticeable effects. There is no strict dogma or religion attached to this. Within six weeks of practicing this meditation for twenty-minutes each day, there was a very noticeable difference in my relationship to my thoughts. This resulted in how different life presented itself to me and how I interacted with life. I hadn’t realised that we ALWAYS have a choice how to react.

How do I use it? Just four simple techniques that can be used with eyes closed AND open. Previous practices required me having to do things in certain ways, adopting certain positions, movements, remembering scriptures and sounds etc. Nothing wrong with that, but life is too short. Let’s choose that which fits into our busy schedules and is the most effective. Time is precious. Living is everything.

What it has done for me? Calmed me right down. Helped me to experience life from the limitations of my mind. To rise above that. I still get emotional, life still throws me unexpected challenges, of course. That’s LIFE! It’s called being human. But it’s how we deal with those emotions, life situations. By simply being aware, there’s a bigger picture, that it passes, that we have a choice, we can experience and attain wisdom and live life with a more loving heart, with compassion and acceptance.

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