Reiki sessions and training

No matter what the outer circumstances of your life appear to be, you have the right to be healthy, happy and healed.

Reiki can help to boost the immune system, relieves pain and relax the nervous system and as a result may help you feel emotionally lighter. Every healing is perfect at any given moment.

The healing session is done fully clothed, either on a chair or lying down (face up). You will feel my hands lightly rest on your shoulders where energy from the universe is channelled to your body and in effect, encouraging your body to heal itself to the best of its ability in that moment.

Energy comes through the heart centre, which allows healing to be much clearer and of the highest vibration available. When you are in a deep state of relaxation, you are able to gain more clarity of thought and make better decisions in life.

Upcoming Reiki Training

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Reiki sessions

Individual healing sessions: 60 minutes – €45
Distance healing sessions: €35
Practitioner and teacher training: up to 3 days, minimum of 4 persons (manual, master quartz crystal and certificate included)
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